What is Dosha/Tridosha?

Dosha is a sanskrit name that describes a group of physical and mental qualities in humans and other living creatures. Every living creature has three Doshas in different ratios. The three Doshas are: Vata, Pitta & Kapha

This theory often called the Tridosha Theory, and is based on the Five Elements Theory (Pancha Maha Bhuta). The old wise profits of ancient India had a profoundly deep understanding of life and energies. They spent long periods of time in meditation and noticed that in living creatures the 5 basic elements tends to pair. They named each pair a Dosha.

Vata Dosha made out of space and air elements (light, dry and cool dosha)
Pitta Dosha from water and fire (hot, light and moist dosha)
Kapha Dosha from water and earth (cold, heavy and moist dosha)






In the eyes of Ayurveda, you are a unique individual with a personal ratio of the Doshas/elements in your body and mind.

Some people are smaller than others, stronger, slower, dryer, symmetrical etc.
Those differences are just a manifestation of the unique amount of the Doshas in the body and the mind.

To know what is the best food, lifestyle and herbs for you, it is essential to know the balance of your Doshas!

It is important to remember that the tendency of the Dosha is to get aggravated and when that takes place there is a chance for a disease to raise.

Your Ayurvedic constitution-Prakriti (Prakruti)

You came into this world with a certain combination of Doshas. This individual state known as your constitution or Prakriti in sanskrit (some texts states Prakruti). Your constitution is determined by many factors, especially by the genetics of your parents and your mothers pregnancy conditions. Some people are one Dosha predominance for example a person with a very large amount of Pitta Dosha may be referred as a “Pitta Person”. Yet most of us have two dominant Doshas, for example a combination of high Kapha and Pitta Doshas may determine the person’s constitution of Kapha-Pitta type. Every cell in his body will have all three doshas but since these two Doshas are in larger quantities Kapha-Pitta would be the constitution’s definition. In case Pitta would be stronger than the Kapha the constitution will be Pitta-Kapha. There are some rare cases that a baby born with all the 3 Doshas equally balanced. This constitution considered to be the best. In other rare cases a baby born with all doshas provoked and that will manifest in chronic illness.
It is important to say that there are no “good Doshas” or “bad Doshas”!  It is all a matter of balance.

Your Ayurvedic current Dosha balance-Vikriti (Vikruti)

Your current Dosha’s balance is called Vikriti or Vikruti. It is often different from your constitution (Prakriti). Factors like food, lifestyle and mental activities that are not aligned with your constitution needs, may increase some qualities (heat, dryness, heaviness etc) and the balance may be disturbed. One of the main things in Ayurvedic treatment is to bring your Doshas back to their normal state, or you can say to bring your Vikriti back to the Prakriti. Unless your aggravated Doshas will go back to balance, any other treatment will be superficial and will take care only of the symptoms. The root cause of the disease is in the imbalance since a balanced body will not get sick!